Career Guidance

To gain happiness in life one must focus on the most important aspect of the life i.e. career. Our all kind of growth is associated with this aspect. Choosing career is not an easy task. One requires to focus on many aspects of his life while doing so for e.g. he needs to see his interest, his abilities, his personality traits, his values, his leisure needs, etc. Now it is very difficult for a person to objectively evaluate all above things. For the purpose of this evaluation we offer a number of psychometric assessment tools. Once assessment is over we create profile of the individual and provide him exact career guidance.

We provide following types of tests for career guidance:

1) Aptitude test: Aptitude is a natural potential of a person by which one can give fairly good enough performance at a task. There are few basic aptitudes known for some specific careers. We measure them and let individuals know them so that on the basis of this knowledge one can take a fairly logical career decision.

2) Interest test: People’s concept of interest is vague many times. They don’t have clear understanding of their own interest. Again they can have some unconscious interests. Through psychometric assessment we evaluate all interest patterns. We make people aware of these and let them decide which interest they should pursue.

3) Personality test: Everybody is having a different set of personality traits. Every profession requires specific dominant personality traits to succeed in that. Personality remains constant throughout the life. So it’s better to choose your career as per your personality. For that we provide personality tests to assess it and guide individual in choosing a best suitable option for him.