Counselling is a process through which a counselor helps a client to solve his/her life problems. It is a therapy, rather a talk therapy wherein counselor discusses with the client about his concerns, tries to change the focus of the client. A well planned counselling session concentrates on the different aspects of human beings viz. cognitions (thoughts), behaviour (actions) and emotions (affect). Counselor tries to bring changes in above aspects to maintain happiness in the client. Practically one can seek assistance in all segments of life. Following are few examples where one can take help of a counselor.


 Family is the primary group of society. Family relations are two types – the parent – child relations and the husband – wife relations. When the members of the family are disunited, tension, distress and misery are the natural outcomes. Family counseling is concerned with these and other related problems. It aims at the release of tensions and building up of harmonious relations. The counselor here uses individual counseling techniques to resolve the conflicts between family members and maintain a balanced and healthy family life. 

Marital Life

This is a part of family counselling but sometimes requires special attention. Marital counseling is counseling for better marital harmony and counselling to eliminate or forestall a marriage from breaking up. A healthy marriage is the one where both the partners are enjoying their relationship to the fullest. If this isn’t the case with anybody that means there are concerns in the marital life. Here problems ranging from incompatibility of nature to sexual concerns are handled. 

Premarital Counselling

Premarital counselling concerns the very important stage of choosing a mate. This basically involves the coming together of two individuals who may be known to each other from their childhood or who may related in one way or another to each other or who may be acquaintances. Marriages lead into problems due to lack of understanding between partners, leading to strained relationships. Marital problems results due to lack of understanding of each other, misunderstanding, finances, social life, religious and other beliefs, relatives and other dependents and occupational demands. Premarital counselling helps to create better understanding of each others. Knowing about one’s values, beliefs etc. is important in the counselling sessions and accordingly individual is helped to take decisions about marriage as well as make adjustments for the transition in life. 


Stress is the inevitable part of life especially in metropolitan cities. It can occur due to thousands of reasons in our day to day life. It is the essential aspect of life which is important for our growth. But when it exceeds the limit it becomes the sole reason of maladjustment of a person. We teach individual how to cope up with this day to day life stress. Once an individual learns to deal with his/her stress then he can lead a satisfying and happy life. 

Anger Management

Some people lack the skills required to manage their anger. They see frequent outbursts of their anger everywhere. Due to this they create their life miserable by alienating almost entire world including near and dear ones. At the same time they start to lose happiness in their life because of their anger. We let the clients know how they can use their anger healthily and manage it efficiently so that they can resolve their problems associated with their anger. Once a man gets control over his anger, he can lead his life pretty smoothly. 

Quit Tobacco

There are many tangible ways in the market to quit tobacco addiction like chewing tablets, alternate cigarettes etc. But are they really efficient? The answer is they are not at least fully. The reason is many research studies throughout the world suggest that there are clear psychological reasons behind various habits of tobacco. So one must work on his psyche to quit his habits. We work on the underlying issues of addiction and help individual to quit the habit.     


Many people cannot do things as per their schedule and later repent about their habit of procrastination. This includes their job in office, school and college, many household chores, exercise etc. They know they must do these tasks for their betterment but still are less motivated to do so. Our counselors assess the reasons behind them and provide support through cognitive measures so that they will be more motivated to do their job at hand. Counselling could enhance their performance and efficiency at office and in day to day life as well. Few sessions can work as a miracle in their lives. 

Assertiveness Training

Many people find it difficult to express themselves fully in front of others especially authority figures for e.g. dealing with teacher or boss or facing an interview or talking to stranger or talking to opposite gender etc. Through our cognitive as well as behaviour counselling one can easily get rid of this poor habit of getting worried in front of others. Our counselling gives confidence to people to do what they want to do, no matter what situation arise or whom to deal with. One can boldly deal with almost all situations of life after few sessions of counselling. 

Goal Setting

Confusion is almost inevitable part of life. People are confused about many things in life including their career, job, studies etc. Many times they can’t generate enough courage to take their decision; they are without goals in their life. They change their goals frequently. Just because of this confusion they create disturbance in their life as well as others. Their life becomes meaningless for them. Our expertise helps them to set clear and precise and attainable goals for them, to take firm decision and stand by it no matter how difficult circumstances are.