About Us

Future Launcher was established in 2007 with the core aim to create awareness in India about the use of psychological services and make people more and more happy through this by solving their present problems. We are serving people in almost all walks of life. We provide almost all psychological services under one roof to almost all age groups right from children to senior citizens, from school to corporate, from basic problems of life to more severe ones. It is not merely profit making organization, largely it is social one. People never seek such services easily in India because at first they don’t know they have problems, if they come to know they have problems then they don’t accept them, if they accept them still they don’t know that they can be resolved through professional help, and if they come to know this then they don’t know who are the right people to help us and many times end up with quacks. So the major goal of Future Launcher is to create awareness about such services in India apart from profit making, which we are doing very efficiently. The reason behind giving this name Future Launcher is that we are trying to make people understand their problems better and try out different strategies to solve them out in the present so that their future is expected to be more stable (than present).